Fandom House Publications Fantasian Acme Comics Steel Pulse, Pro-Wrestling Adventures Libby Ellis Near To Now Misc Publications
From 'Decent Comics', Fantasian #10 Fantasian
Articles and illustrations. Hard to believe now that I took X-Men so seriously.
Acme Comics From 'Charlock', Acme #10
Comics and articles. The only criteria was that you finish a story, and in some cases even that was waived.
From Steel Pulse #1 Steel Pulse
Pro-Wrestling Adventures. A Motley tour-de-force, with help from a couple Acme-ites. Sadly, probably the jewel of our crown.
Libby Ellis From Libby Ellis v1 #4
"Professional" comic by Norm Dwyer and Dennis Pimple, published by "real" publishers. It was fun while it lasted, and lasted until it wasn't any fun.
From 'Sailers', Near To Now #2 Near To Now
Science Fiction anthology that worked about half the time. When I think of publishing again, this is the title I think of reviving. Then I slap myself.
Etc. Etc. From Faith Of The Foe
One-shots, graphic novels, minicomics, and other detritus.