Acme Comics
The First Name In Fanzines*

Acme Comics #1
Fall 1982 $1
28 pages 8½x11
cardboard covers
Acme Comics #1 Cover
Index page by Dan Mares
Cover Kevin Robinette (wrap around)
IFC Advertising
Page 2 Introduction Dennis Pimple Art Ken McDonald
Page 3-4 "What's Up Doc?" Jon Liggett (Script), Joe Graves (Art)
Page 5-8 "Found A Job" T Motley
Page 9-13 "Tree Spirit" Kirk Bath (Story & Art), Dennis Pimple (Script)
Page 14-15 "He Never Knew What Hit Him" Joel Millsapps
Page 16 Advertising
Page 17-23 untitled Frank Albanese
Page 24-28 "No Quarter" George Doro
IBC Advertising

Acme Comics #2
Spring 1983 $1
28 pages 8½x11
cardboard covers
Acme Comics #2
Index page by Joel Millsapps
Cover Phil Normand (wrap around)
IFC Art Kirk Bath
Page 1 Contents page Art Joel Millsapps
Page 2 Introduction Dennis Pimple
Page 3-7 "Shades of Night" Dennis Pimple (Writing), Dan Mares (Art)
Page 8-9 "Diamond Sam" T Motley
Page 10-14 "Retribution" Frank Albanese (Story & Art), Dennis Pimple (Script)
Page 15-17 Dave & Deni Sim Interview T Motley (Writing), Phil Normand (Art)
Page 18-25 "The Colony" Norm Dwyer
Page 26-27 "Mr. Fly in What's For Breakfast?" Bob Conway
Page 28 Art Donald Martinez
IBC Art John Kelly

Acme Comics #3
Summer 1983 $1
28 pages 8½x11
cardboard covers
Acme Comics #3
Art by Bob Conway
Cover Greg Dye (wrap around)
IFC Art Phil Normand
Page 1 Contents page Art Kirk Bath
Page 2 Introduction Dennis Pimple Art Marcel Peelen
Page 3-6 "Thunderin' Hooves" Dennis Pimple (Writing), Norm Dwyer (Art)
Page 7-11 Cinnabar Article Dennis Pimple (Writing), T Motley (Art)
Page 12 Advertising
Page 13-19 "On The Road To Cinnabar" Part I Edward Bryant (Original story), Phil Normand (Adaptation)
Page 20 Art Bob Conway
Page 21-23 "The Passage" Alan Jones
Page 24-28 "The Shambling Thing" Douglas Hawk (Writing), Stefano Gaudiano (Art)
IBC Art Joel Millsapps

Acme Comics #4
Winter 1984 $1
28 pages 8½x11
(+ 4-page insert)
2-color cardboard covers
Acme Comics #4
Art by Quang Ho
Cover Donald Martinez (wrap around)
IFC Art Norm Dwyer
Page 1 Contents page Art Quang Ho
Page 2 Introduction Dennis Pimple Art Joel Millsapps
Page 3-6 "I Love The Night" George Doro (Pencil, Plot from a Blue Oyster Cult song), Kirk Bath (Ink, Lettering)
Page 7-9 "Like Beasts At Bay" Kevin Farrell
Page 10 "The Twins" Dennis Pimple (Writing), Dave Toth (Art)
Page 11-14 "Mark's Adventures: The Mission That Failed" Mark Valverde
Insert "Slinky Task Force" Dennis Pimple (Writing), T Motley (Art)
Page 15 "War Of The Worlds: 1984 AD" Dave Toth
Page 16-17 "Oh, Such Agony" Rich Arnold
Page 18-24 "The Wizard's Staff" Rich Perkins (Writing), Frank Albanese (Art)
IBC Art Dave Toth

Acme Comics #5
Fall 1984 $1
28 pages 8½x11
(+ 8-page minicomic insert)
3-color slick covers
Acme Comics #5
Art by T Motley
Cover Ken Box (wrap around)
IFC Art Marcel Peelen
Page 1 Contents page Art Stefano Gaudiano
Page 2 Introduction Dennis Pimple "The Ride" Dennis Pimple (Story), Denise Pimple (Art)
Page 3-8 "To Grandmother's House We Go" George Doro (Plot, Script), Valerie Thatcher (Plot, Art)
Page 9-10 "Revenge Of The Pillow People" Marcel Peelen
Page 11-18 "Simu-Sport" Rich Arnold
Page 19-26 "Alter Tunes" Greg Dye
Page 27-28 "Official Handbook Of The Ad-Page Universe" Dennis Pimple (Writing), George Doro (Art)
IBC "Favorite Hollywood Couples" T Motley
Insert Muscle Man minicomic Dennis Pimple (Writing), Norm Dwyer (Art), Phantasy Press (Publisher)

Acme Comics #6
Fall 1985 $1.50
28 pages 8½x11
(+ 8-page insert)
2-color cardboard covers
Acme Comics #6
Art by Norm Dwyer
Cover T Motley (wrap around)
IFC-IBC "At The Comics Shop" Dennis Pimple (Writing), Rich Arnold(Art), Dan Mares (Idea)
Page 1 Contents page Art T Motley
Page 2 Introduction T Motley "Black Holes" Rich Arnold
Page 3-12 "Hap Hazard In London" Richard Florence
Page 13-16 "Love At 55" Bob Cornely
Page 17 Advertising
Page 18-25 "Charlock, A Warrior Of The 23rd Century" Norm Dwyer (Story,Art), Dennis Pimple (Script)
Page 26-28 "Acmegrams" Dennis Pimple (Writing), T Motley (Art)
Insert "Video Death" Mark Valverde (Art, Game Design), Dennis Pimple (Rules), T Motley (Packaging)

Acme Comics #7
Summer 1986 $2
32 pages 8½x11
2-color cardboard covers
Acme Comics #7
Art by John McColloch
Cover Rich Arnold (wrap around)
IFC-IBC"Kit Carson Of The Solar Academy" trading card set Dennis Pimple (Writing), Rich Arnold (Art)
Page 1Contents page Art T Motley
Page 2Introduction Dennis Pimple "Moses 1984" Joe Vecchio
Page 3-5"Teeth And Claws" Nelson Sprinkle
Page 6-12"Sailers: Some People Will Do Anything For A Credit" Scott Johnson
Page 13Advertising Dennis Pimple (Writing), Rich Arnold (Art)
Page 14-22"Charlock" Part 2 Norm Dwyer (Story,Art), Dennis Pimple (Script)
Page 23-26"Night Of The Boring Dead" Mark Putt & Ken Neabert
Page 27-31 "Acme Reprint Classic" Dennis Pimple (Writing), T Motley & Rich Arnold (Art)
Page 32Art John McColloch

Acme Comics #8
Fall 1987 $2
40 page comic
4-color slick covers
Acme Comics #8
Art by Scott Johnson
Cover George Doro (Art), T Motley, Jim Lemons, John McColloch (Color)
Page 1 Contents page
Page 2 Introduction Jim Pitt (né Dennis Pimple)
Page 3-8 "Dr. Autopsy" Smallhead (né Mark Putt)
Page 10-15 "Uber Wiedergeburt" Jim Lemons
Page 18 "Caffeine Comics" Eric Sprinkle
Page 23-29 "Crisis On Infinite New Universes" Scott Johnson (Writing, Art),
Richard Florence, John McCollochRich Arnold (Pencil), T Motley (Art)
Page 31-39 "Charlock" Part 3 Norm Dwyer (Story,Art), Dennis Pimple (Script)
Cover, IFC,
Page 1,2,9,16,17,
IBC, Back Cover
"Covers of the Acme Comics Group" Rich Arnold, Bob Conway, George DoroRichard Florence,
Scott Johnson, Jim Lemons Harry Lyrico, John McColloch, Joel MillsappsT Motley,
Dennis Pimple, SmallheadEric Sprinkle, Nelson Sprinkle, Seth Thompson
"Acme Comics Checklist" Dennis Pimple

Acme Comics #9
Summer 1989 $3
48 page comic
4-color slick covers
Acme Comics #9
Art by T Motley
Cover Brian Comber
IFC Introduction Dennis Pimple
Page 1-2 "Willie n' Twillie" T Motley
Page 3-10 "Tale of The Arabian Knights" David Buchanan & Brian Comber
Page 11-16 "Return of Dr. Autopsy" Smallhead (né Mark Putt)
Page 17-22 "No Glory: The Smallhead Portfolio" Smallhead (né Mark Putt) (Art), T Motley (Editing)
Page 23-25 "Head Trip!" Scott Johnson
Page 26-31 "The Last Steve Foley Interview" Dennis Pimple (Writing), T Motley, Phil Normand (Posing, Art)
Page 32-42 "Charlock" Part 4 Norm Dwyer (Story,Art), Dennis Pimple (Script)
Page 43-45 "The Perfect Sacrifice" Smallhead (né Mark Putt)
Page 46-48 "4:00 am" Yeti Motel (né T Motley)
IBC Art Joel Millsapps
Back Cover Art Brian Comber

Acme Comics #10
1992-1994 $8
100 pages 8½x11
4-color silkscreen
cardboard covers
Acme Comics #10
Art by Mark Putt
Art by John McColloch
Cover T Motley (wrap-around)
IFC-IBC "Fuck You" Steve Csutoras (Writing), Craig Gassen (Art)
Page 1 Introduction Dennis Pimple & Scott Johnson "Beating A Dead Horse" Tim Winkelman
Upper right odd pages "Winkelscope" flip comic Tim Winkelman
Lower right odd pages "Food For Thought" flip comic Richard Florence
Page 2 "Zen Masterson: Empty Vessel Of The Law" Nelson Sprinkle
Page 3-6 "Suicide As Revenge" L. T. Williams
Page 7-8 "The "Q" Ship" John McColloch
Page 9-12 "Small Press Anal Expulsion" Dennis Pimple (Writing),
T Motley, Smallhead, Lauri Ross, Scott Johnson (Art)
Page 13-20 "The Accidental Terrorist" Stan Yan
Page 21 "P-TV" Dave Toth
Page 22-25 "Men!" Laurie Lynnxe Murphy
Page 26 "Shore Leave!" John McColloch
Page 27-39 "Hap Hazard: Back To Spy School" Richard Florence
Page 40 "One Midsummer Night" Joe Vecchio
Page 41-42 "Freedom Flight" John McColloch
Page 43-45 "Milestones Of Disillusionment" L. T. Williams
Page 46 "How To Be A Great Reporter" Scott Mohr
Page 47-59 "Ursa Major" Mark Putt
Page 60-62 "The Roach Tree" Scott Johnson
Page 63-68 "Peace Of Mind" Steve Oelrich (Writing), John McColloch (Art)
Page 69-73 "Shirley" L. T. Williams
Page 74 "One Fine Summer Day" Joe Vecchio
Page 75-76 "Hermy And The Pooch" Alan Jones
Page 77-79 "A Social Call" John McColloch
Page 80-84 "B.M.O.C." Justin Poucher
Page 85-89 "Charlock" Part 5 Norm Dwyer (Art), Dennis Pimple (Writing), George Doro (Punchlines)
Page 90-91 "Cliff Notes Faust" T Motley
Page 92-93 "Cliff Notes Mo Bee" T Motley
Page 94-95 "Cliff Notes Complete Works of Shakespeare" T Motley
Page 96-97 "Cliff Notes Ring of the Nibelung Operas" T Motley
Page 98-99 "Cliff Notes Iliad and Odyssey" T Motley
Page 100 "American Zombie" Tim Winkelman
Upper left even pages "Vin Acme" flip comic Lauri Ross
Lower left even pages "Box" flip comic Scott Johnson

Acme Comics 2014
Summer 2014 $5.25
Ltd Edition Cover $6.00
52 page full-color comic
Acme Comics 2014
Art by R Florence
Cover T Motley
Based on "Arcadus Arcane", short story by Dennis Pimple
IFC Introduction Dennis Pimple
Page 1-20 "Hap Hazard: Belin 1947" Richard Florence
Page 21-25 "Two Timer" Eric Sprinkle
Page 26-27 "Comics in Life" Diana Coco-Russell
Page 28,39,45 "Continued" Jim Lemons
Page 29-38 "Victory" Scott Johnson
Page 40-41 "Acme's Believe It Or Not" Tim Winkelman
Page 42-44 "For A Taste" Eric Sprinkle
Page 46-47 "Happy Medium" Eric Sprinkle
Page 48 Advertisement/Zombiecatures Stan Yan
Page 49 "Acme Fake Ads" Tim Winkelman
Page 50-51 "Serve & Protect" Jim Lemons
Page 52 Advertisement/Collection Drawers
IBC "Great Moments In Comic History" Kevin Robinette
Back Cover "Steampunk Zombies" Phil Normand
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