Denver Minicon
August 23, 1980 Ground Round Restaurant
Notes First meeting of Dan Mares, Dennis Pimple, and Kevin Robinette
Colorado Comic Art Convention I
May 3, 1981 Rocky Mountain School of Art
Guest of Honor Kirk Alyn - the 1st movie Superman in two serials, 1948 & 1950
Programming Slide Show by UG cartoonist Darrel Anderson
Art Instruction by Bill Farquhar (RMSA)
Program Book Art by Robinette, copy by Robinette & Pimple
Notes Kirk Alyn gave us more media attention than any comic book personality - even Stan Lee - would have.
This was our first encounter with John Severin, one of the great EC Comics artists and a Denver resident. His assistance in procuring guests, program advertising, and art for display would prove invaluable. He remains one of the true gentlemen of the industry.
Stan Lee Speech
June 23, 1981 East High School
Notes First meeting of Fantasian group with those who would become the core of Acme Comics - T Motley, George Doro, Joel Millsapps, Phil Normand, et al.
I suspect the timing of the Lee visit (sponsored by Mile High Comics) was to undermine the convention (it was heavily advertised for months), but the opposite happened. Less than 100 people attended the speech.
Colorado Comic Art Convention II
June 5-6, 1982 Rocky Mountain School of Art
Guest of Honor Jim Payne, proprietor of Denver's 1st comics retail store
Guests Bob Layton, Marvel Comics Artist/Writer
Michael Golden, Marvel Comics Artist
Programming Animated short by Artie Romero and Jan Johnson of Everyman Studios
Art Instruction by Kevin Robinette, Bill Farquhar, Richard Vincent
Program Book Art by Millsapps, Normand, Layton, Golden, Albanese, Motley, & Jan Johnson,
copy by Pimple & Mares
Notes We'd hit the big time, getting Marvel to partially pay for the guests.
We made fast friends with Bob Layton by having my wife take his girlfriend out sight-seeing instead of sitting around at the convention all weekend.
Sunday night Robinette and Normand helped him catch up on his artwork (on his 1st Hercules mini-series) by inking backgrounds.
Colorado Comic Art Convention III
June 25-26, 1983 Rocky Mountain School of Art
Guest of Honor Phil Normand, SF and Comics illustrator
Guests Marshall Rogers, Comics Artist/Writer
Larry Mahlstedt, DC Comics Inker
Gil Kane, Legendary DC & Marvel Comics Artist
Ron Wilson, Marvel Comics Artist
Edward Bryant, Local SF writer made good
Programming Special art workshop by Gil Kane
Art Instruction by Bill Farquhar
Book signing by Edward Bryant and Phil Normand
Program Book Art and Design by T Motley, Art by Normand, Rogers, Mahlstedt, Kane, & Wilson,
Copy by Pimple & Edward Bryant
Notes Norm Dwyer's portfolio caught Marshall Rogers' eye, but nothing came of it for a couple years.
Motley suspects Gil Kane was hinting at wanting some (a-hem!) female companionship for Saturday night. Luckily he didn't ask me outright; the convention treasury might not've been able to handle it.
Colorado Comic Art Convention IV
June 23-24, 1984 Auraria Campus Student Center
Guests Bill Sienkiewicz, Marvel Comics Artist
Joe Kubert, Legendary DC Comics Artist
Ed Stein, Rocky Mountain News Editorial Cartoonist
Drew Litton, Rocky Mountain News Sports Cartoonist
Programming Special art workshop by Bill Sienkiewicz
Art Instruction by T Motley
Program Book Story & Copy by Pimple, Pencils by Dwyer,
Inks by Millsapps, Letters by Denise Pimple
Notes We had outgrown the RM School of Art, so we joined forces with the Auraria DND club to get the Student Center for cheap.
The program book was my highlight of this year's con. I wrote a story featuring Norm Dwyer's character Muscle Man and worked all the pertinent information into it.
Colorado Comic Art Convention V
June 22-23, 1985 Auraria Campus Student Center
Guests Mike Kaluta, Marvel Comics Artist
Elaine Lee, Marvel Comics Writer
Stan Phillips, professional animator
Drew Litton, Rocky Mountain News Sports Cartoonist
Special Frank Albanese, Bob Conway,
Recognition Norm Dwyer, T Motley, Phil Normand
Programming Special art workshop by Mike Kaluta
Art Instruction by T Motley
Program Book Copy by Pimple, Art by Kaluta & Litton
Notes Our last hurrah.